About Our Training

Here at Ground Up Fitness we aim to provide functional fitness – the kind of training that gives you fitness for life!

We base our FIT program on the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program, based on functional movements (squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pressing, pulling, jumping, running etc), which are constantly varied in not only the movements, but also the intensity. Every workout is universally scaleable, meaning that a complete newcomer and an elite athlete can complete the same workout, using different loads/intensity. It is for this reason that FIT provides such a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Our SHRED programs aim to get you sweaty – be prepared for that post-workout endorphin rush with these classes! Using a mix of cardio and resistance movements in lots of different formats, keeping it fun and you feeling great.

Our STRONG program focuses and goes deeper into technique and building strength through planned movement cycles. When you move correctly you can move more weight and gain strength – and it’s amazing what this can do for your general well-being and day to day life!

But what we aim to provide is not just a strength and conditioning program – it’s a lifestyle methodology with foundations in nutrition, holistic well-being and general mental and physical health. A functional fitness facility like Ground Up Fitness aims to provide everybody from kids through to seniors, newcomers to elite athletes a place where they can workout, socialise and improve their lives how they want to as equals.

At Ground Up Fitness you will be taught the correct way to move, which will result in improved performance, which will result in not only achieving improved body composition and appearance, but also drastically improve the quality of your day to day living! We want your visit to Ground Up Fitness to be the best part of your day.

Do you need to be fit to start with us? No! That’s what we’re here for. We aim to give you everything you need to start your journey and provide you a supportive and encouraging environment to do it in. Our members form a fantastic welcoming community within which to achieve your goals.

Functional Fitness from the Ground Up is for Everyone!

This video helps to further explain the CrossFit lifestyle methodology: