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CrossFit Kids is a functional strength and conditioning program designed for kids and teenagers to develop physical skills, quality movement and a life-long love of fitness. CrossFit Kids programming delivers constantly varied, functional fitness in a broad, inclusive and fun environment to allow kids and teenagers to develop into well-rounded athletes. Workouts and movements can be infinitely modified so that the classes are accessible for all ages and fitness levels and kids can workout together – CrossFit is for everyone.

We encourage teamwork, sportsmanship and confidence while developing motor skills, endurance, accuracy, speed, stamina, balance, strength and coordination. We also believe this program will help kids develop life skills that can translate to life outside of the gym – not only in their chosen sport or physical activities, but also in their school work and home life too.

CrossFit Kids (5-9yrs of age)

This program is designed to introduce kids to CrossFit movements and concepts while encouraging kids to think of exercise and fitness as fun. A lot of the session is play-based to encourage and maintain the idea of fun while focusing on basic foundations of functional movements and improving the strength and quality of those movements.

CrossFit Pre-teens (9-12yrs)

This program builds on the fun and play based concepts introduced in the kids program and encourages ongoing refinement of quality movement. Skills addressed here will expand to include a wider range CrossFit movements and aim to improve general physical fitness, while still maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere.

CrossFit Teens (13-17yrs)

This program will further build on the foundational movements and general physical fitness of the kids and pre-teens program while introducing all CrossFit movements and workout styles. Teens classes are run more like a mainstream adult class and aim to prepare teens to have the strength and general physical preparedness to succeed not only in the gym, but also for life and sport outside of CrossFit, while still maintaining the fun, friendly and community atmosphere we strive for. Teens have the option to train once or twice per week.



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**Please check back for 2021 details soon!**


**Please check back for 2021 details soon!**


Come along for a Free Trial Session!

If your child is new to CrossFit and would like to give it a try before they commit to a full term, we encourage them to come along to the first session in week 1 of the term free of charge to decide if they like it.

We just ask that you contact Miranda on 0423 901 720 or to let us know you’d like to come along for a trial.

Full term prepaid: $120 per child per term

(For teens attending two classes per week: $200 for the full term)

Casual rate: $15 per class

If you are enrolling more than one child from the same family, we give $10 discount on full term passes (i.e. 2 children is $220 per term).



**Please check back for 2021 details soon!**


**Please check back for 2021 details soon!**

If you have any questions about the Kids/Teens program or enrolling your child, please contact Miranda on 0423 901 720 or via e-mail at

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