Getting Started

How Do I Start?

Getting started is simple! Simply contact us to start your foundation month.

The foundation month includes

  • 2 X 1 hour personal training sessions where you will be taught all the basics of CrossFit, step by step by your coach.
  • The rest of the month you can come to as many sessions as you would like!

How Much Does This Cost

The foundation month is $170.

Check out our ongoing membership options here.

Still not sure?

If you’ve got any questions or you’re not sure about jumping right into a foundation month, please contact us or drop in to have a chat so you can see what we’re all about!

I’ve done CrossFit before, do I still need a Foundation Month?

If you’ve completed foundation or on-boarding classes at another CrossFit gym and/or trained for 3 months or more at another CrossFit affiliate, then you do not need to complete our Foundation program. Please just contact us (e-mail, phone or via our social media) to let us know you’d like to get started!