Our Story

Ground Up Fitness – forging functional fitness from the ground up!

Our Mission: to provide a high quality, holistic and inclusive fitness facility driven by community, diversity and a desire to inspire fitness for life.

We are motivated by our core values:

  • Community: Our members are our most valuable asset – we nurture a welcoming, safe, inclusive and supportive community which makes reaching for your goals only more rewarding.
  • High Quality: We work hard to make sure our coaching, programming, facility and equipment is always top-notch and up to date.
  • Passion: We always bring the energy, positivity and encouragement to inspire growth and achievement – nothing makes us happier than seeing our members work hard for their goals!
  • Authenticity: We value trust and honesty and strive to bring humility and integrity to everything that we do.
  • Holistic: Our aim is to provide a varied and diverse program not only to train our bodies to be better in the gym, but also for general wellness and healthy lifestyle outside of the gym.

Our Background:

Ground Up Fitness started life as CrossFit Barossa in 2016. Head coach Lachie Agars started out on his own in a small warehouse space. The Barossans quickly realised what a good thing had started and over the next two years the community quickly grew, as well as the gym space & coaching team. February 2018 saw a new phase begin for CrossFit Barossa with the addition of some new business partners – cousins Steve Bitter & Matt Bitter jumped on board. This meant a few more additions to the coaching team and shaking up the programs as well as some additional equipment and changes to the gym itself. In April 2019 a few more walls were knocked down for the largest renovation to date, resulting in the awesome facility we have today.

This brings us to the latest phase in our development – the change to Ground Up Fitness. We are proud of what we created with CrossFit Barossa, but we wanted a name and an image that truly reflected “us” – our community and what we represent. This facility & community was built from the ground up. We want to provide a solid foundation and a safe & welcoming opportunity for anyone, no matter what their background, to build their fitness, skills and connections from the ground up.

We remain a CrossFit affiliate and continue to bring all the perks of the worldwide CrossFit community and program, as well as our very own flair that is unique to Ground Up Fitness. So come and see what we’re all about – start your journey with us – from the ground up!