WOD Classes

WOD (Workout Of the Day) classes are the main training sessions, where everyone will perform the same prescribed workout for that program on that day, under the guidance of a coach. The Workout Of The Day is constantly varied, so you are never doing the same workout twice!

We run three different programs as follows:

FIT – A fully inclusive strength and conditioning program focusing on functional movements to provide all-rounded fitness for life – a combination of strength, cardio, olympic lifting, gymnastics and much more. Using the CrossFit methodology this program provides constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity with focus on optimal technique to give you the best all-rounded workout.

SHRED – A circuit style, high intensity interval training class designed to burn maximum calories and build lean muscle. These classes do not include heavy olympic lifting or advanced gymnastics, but still pack a punch!

Partner SHRED – High Intensity Interval Training done with a friend! Partner up with a friend and get your sweat on! This class does not include any heavy olympic lifts or advanced gymnastics.

STRONG – Focusing on strength and technique, this class covers core strength exercise, accessory strength, olympic lifting and power lifting as well as pushing sleds, flipping tyres and much more!



ROMWOD provides a specialty yoga-based stretching/movement program to help you improve the range of motion in your joints, which will drastically improve your ability to move freely through functional movement patterns.

These is run via video guidance following programming – “Get Swole & Flexy”.

We have a dedicated ROMWOD TV set up in our upstairs dedicated mobility/rehab area that can be used by all members at any time the gym is open, or any time 24/7 with our unlimited membership access.

Open Gym

Open Gym with 24/7 access is available to members on an unlimited membership.

Check out our membership options HERE

CrossFit Kids & Teens

We offer classes for kids and teenagers from ages 5 years and older. These classes are run by certified CrossFit Kids coaches. Check out our Kids & Teens Page for more info!

Personal Training Sessions

We can provide one-on-one personal training sessions with our coaches who are qualified PT’s. We suggest that PT sessions be used to compliment our group classes and becoming part of our awesome community. We have limited availability for PT sessions, so please contact us for availability and more information.