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**BREAKING NEWS – MARCH 22nd 2020**

Although we felt it was coming, it is with very heavy hearts that we must announce the shutdown of the Ground Up Fitness facility effective immediately. No doubt many of you would have watched the recent announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that, as of tomorrow, many venues will be forced to close which includes indoor sporting venues and gyms.

All classes have been cancelled for now and the facility is closed. As we have been all throughout this period, we are going to continue to act in the best interest of our members and staff and look after them as best we can.

We will get through this, we will recover and we will continue to operate once COVID-19 is under control.

Want to Drop in?

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are closed and not accepting drop-ins at this time.


"Nearly a year ago I put myself on the priority list, it still feels selfish, but I put myself ahead of deadlines and kids’ activities, ahead of housework and other hapless chores. I didn’t know then, but I gave myself the greatest gift. The gift of feeling strong and good about myself. It is a gift which goes beyond me, it affects my family, my marriage, my friends. So, instead of new stuff for Christmas, give yourself the gift of a regular exercise program. And I don’t mean going for a walk. Something hard. My own physical transformation is still a work in progress. But the mind is there! I’m no poster girl for crossfit, but I’m feeling strong. I feel capable. I can lift heavy things. So go on, don’t doubt yourself any longer. Do the things you can’t."

Ruby Stobart, Barossa