Something for Everyone!
Have a read-through about the different classes you can 
attend at GroundUp Fitness.

We rarely do the same workout twice, meaning you'll

never get bored!

All classes (except TeenFit) run for one hour,

are fully coached and include programmed warm ups.



Combining weights and conditioning, build your strength and increase your fitness in our FIT classes.
We keep these classes varied to keep it interesting. FIT generally starts with a strength component (e.g. squats, deadlift, overhead and bench press, cleans) and then finishes with a short, high-intensity workout.


Getting the heart rate up and getting sweaty is the aim of our SHRED classes! Mixing it up to keep it fun!
SHRED classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and are a longer workout, either with a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) focus, or an aerobic workout designed to build our engine. They differ to FIT in that they don't start with a strength piece, and usually involve less technical elements (e.g. kettlebell swings as opposed to Olympic lifts).

Enjoy the endorphin rush after these workouts!! 



No cardio here! STRONG is about just that: Lifting and making gaiinnnzzzz!!
Whether we're working in a specific cycle or block to increase strength or size, or having fun and mixing it up, STRONG is a great way to increase your gains or for beginners to improve technique.


For ages 12-18, TeenFit combines strength and conditioning, perfect to complement other sports or on its own!
All classes are fully coached, your child will learn proper technique and get their heart rate up. We make sure proper mechanics are learned first before adding load, giving the teens confidence and strength.



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